Material Safety Data Sheet

Symphony Scents

298 Ridge St

Glens Falls, NY 12801


Identification Name: Mocha Shimmer

Date modified: 08/12/03

Preparer: L. Kimble

Physical Data Appearance: A lustrous brown, free flowing powder
Chemical Classification: Platelets of mica, iron oxide and titanium dioxide
Chemical Description: Mica Fe2O3 TiO2
INCI Name: Mica (and) Iron Oxides (and) Titanium Dioxide
Fire, Explosion and Reactivity Flashpoint: not flammable

Stability: Stable under normal conditions

Extinguishing Media None, does not burn. Use extinguishing media appropriate for surrounding fire.
Special Firefighting Procedure/Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards Not a fire or explosion hazard

Protection Information Respiratory protection: Dust respirator is recommended.

Eye protection: Use safety goggles with side shields

Skin protection: Leather or rubber gloves

Ventilation: Localized exhaust can be used

Other: Prolonged or repeated exposure may cause lung damage, allergies.

Occupational Exposure Limits Threshold Limit Value (TLV): Maximum permitted exposure levels: 3 /m3/8h = Total dust by inhalation

Has substance been listed as a carcinogen: No

Health Hazard Information

- skin irritation : n/a

- Irritation to eye: n/a

Emergency and First Aid Procedures Inhalation: Remove to fresh air, consult a physician

Eye contact: Flush water for 15 minutes

Skin contact: wash with soap and water

Ingestion: Consult a physician immediately

Spills Leaks and Disposal Procedure If material should be spilled or released: place spilled material into appropriate waste containers for disposal in accordance with local state regulations.

Waste disposal methods: Follow state, local, and federal laws

Handling and Shipping Procedures Handle according to good safety procedures avoiding unnecessary exposure.  Store in full closed containers away from heat, light, and sources of ignition.  Store in cool area.

The information contained in this material safety data sheet was obtained from current and reliable sources.  This data is supplied without warranty, expressed or implied, regarding its correctness or accuracy.  It is the user's responsibility to determine safe conditions for use of this product and to assume liability for loss, injury, damage or expense resulting from improper use of this product.