Phthalate Information

Recently, safety concerns have been raised in congress and in the media about substances called phthalates. Although one type of phthalate is commonly used in fragrance oils, it is NOT the kind that has had safety concerns. The kind used in FOs is diethyl phthalate (DEP); the types of questionable safety are dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and diethyl hexyl phthalate (DEHP). The latter two chemicals are used in some plastics, not in fragrance oils; they make plastics better able to bend without breaking. 

The IFRA is the International Fragrance Association. It establishes safety guidelines for fragrance materials. You can see their official position on the use of DEP by viewing the articles available on their website. The RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials) is the primary U.S. authority on fragrance material safety. All of Symphony Scents's suppliers follow IFRA and RIFM guidelines. 

About 55% of our FOs contain DEP. None contain any other types of phthalates. For those who want to pass this information on to their customers, here is a list of the FOs we carry that do NOT contain DEP (and thus, no phthalates). DEP is gradually being phased out. Please feel free to email with any questions. 

Phthalate-Free List:
Angel 2
Apricot Freesia
Aromatic Timber
Bayberry Spice
Black Cherry
Cafe Latte
Cedarwood Amber
Cinnamon Stick
Citrus Splash
Cucumber Melon (since 2014)
Dutch Chocolate
Fresh Raspberry
Gardenia (since 6/17/2013)
Oatmeal Milk & Honey (since 12/8/2012)
Orange Spice Tea
Pina Colada
Sage Leaf
Sea Island Cotton
Secret Garden

Formerly-carried scents:
Baby Powder (since 8/26/2013)
Brown Sugar
Chai Tea
Hot Cinnamon
Whispers of Bay