Palm Oil (organic & sustainable)

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  • INCI Name:Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Oil
  • NaOH SAP Value:.144

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7 lb (about 1 gallon) [+$39.95]
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This is the only type of palm oil we will carry from here forward, while we are selling it we ask you to reconsider using it. Even though it is organically sourced and sustainably grown we still feel it is over-produced and still these farms take up land that could be forest. Olive oil makes for a good hard bar, and canola is a great replacement for palm and soy oils, which we also choose not to carry.

Certified by Quality Assurance International, this is organic and sustainably produced palm oil. Sustainable palm oil was created to address the deforestation and loss of orangutan habitat issues of regular palm oil. This palm oil is quite similar to our regular palm oil except it is slightly darker and seems to have a slightly lower melting point. Similar in color and texture to coconut oil, palm oil used in cold or hot process soap creates a durable hard bar. 

It can separate when melted, so you should melt your whole container and stir well before measuring out what you need. The 7lb or 2qt jug can be melted in a warm spot such as near a heating vent or a sunny window, or fill your sink or a large pot with hot water and immerse it. 

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