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Natural Soap - Soap Stamp

Natural Soap - Soap Stamp

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Part Number:SmpNat
  • Design Dimensions:2 x 1.5
This is a resin soap stamp for stamping your cold process soap. This is an impression design with the words "natural soap" and a picture of a flower.

Simply place the stamp on your soap and either press down with the palm of your hand or use a small mallet. This will depend on how hard the soap bar is.  It is recommended that the bar be semi hard so that you can easily imprint the design without squishing the bar itself :)   The bar in the picture was actually cut about a week before stamping, which is longer than recommended, but I was still able to stamp it. Again, it will depend on your recipe. 

Care:  Clean with warm soapy water and let air dry. Do not put in the dishwasher.

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