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Information on our Closing

July 27, 2020

After 20 years in business, Symphony Scents announces 2020 will be our last full year in business.

Lori and I wish to express many thanks to all of our customers, but especially those who have been buying supplies from us since the beginning or nearly so.  We started The Scent Shack in Illinois in April 2000 when there were just a couple of soapmaking suppliers on the internet in the US (I only remember Sweetcakes, Bramble Berry, and Wellington).  We moved to upstate New York in 2006 and changed the name to Symphony Scents in 2008.  Today there are many more companies (some very big and well-financed) in the business.  

We will be winding down the business slowly and selling out our inventory in the remainder of 2020 and probably into 2021 as well.  Look for more of our items to be put on clearance sale along the way.  We know that some of you rely on being able to obtain certain FOs in our line for your products.  As these go out-of-stock, and assuming we don't sell the business to another party who will resume stocking these, we will be making our sources for the FOs available by request, as long as the manufacturers don't object to this.

As for the reasons, it's not related directly to the pandemic (we actually saw a slight increase in sales) -- except as another reminder that life is short.  I simply feel that 20 years is long enough for me to have done this.  My mind and heart really haven't been in it for a while, and Lori and I have lots of other business projects and ideas to work on.

This business could work well for someone who has:  soapmaking knowledge and at least a little experience (and experience with other scented handmade products really helps), at least 300 square feet to devote to a business, good work ethic and self-motivation, internet/computer skills or connections to folks with those skills.  If you would like to discuss the possibility of buying Symphony Scents, please email us at the address listed on this site or use the Contact Us form.

With Sincere Thanks,

John Vaughn

Founder and Proprietor, Symphony Scents

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