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Germaben II Preservative

Germaben II Preservative

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Part Number:Germaben2
  • INCI Name:Propylene Glycol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben
  • MSDS:click here

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Germaben II is a convenient, ready to-use complete antimicrobial preservative system with a broad spectrum of activity. It is a clear viscous liquid with a characteristic mild odor. 

It is readily soluble at a level of 1.0% in both aqueous solutions and oil/water emulsions. Germaben II can be used without additional co-preservatives and is compatible with essentially all cosmetic ingredients, including surfactants and proteins. 

Germaben II is recommended to be used at a level of up to 1.0%. This level provides to the product: 0.30% Germall II, 0.11% methylparaben, 0.03% propylparaben and 0.56% propylene glycol. Shampoos and liquid soaps generally require less than 1.0% Germaben II. Although Germaben II provides excellent antimicrobial preservation, every developed or modified product should be challenge tested to assure preservative efficacy.

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