Clay Burnt Orange

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Part Number:ClayBuO
  • CP Soap Notes:anywhere from 1/4 tsp to 1 tsp per pound of soap, depending on level of effect and brightness of color you wish.
  • MP Soap Notes:Not recommended
  • INCI Name:Illite
  • Also Known As:COLOR CLAY® CEDRUS
  • MSDS:click here

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Burnt Orange (AKA Cedrus) Natural Color Clay® originating from the Mediterranean coast of Spain. COLOR CLAY® CEDRUS helps oxygenation and metabolic functions of the skin thanks to the iron content. 

Natural Color Clays are primarily used for facial masks, but can also be used in soap bars and liquid soaps. In soaps, they provide a silky feel and smooth lather. They are a favorite for adding to shaving soaps. They provide more subtle coloring than other colorant types like oxides and micas. 

See for much more information on these products, including usage rates for facial and body muds and masks.

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