PHONE: 518.632.4802
EMAIL: [email protected] (use this for PayPal payments) 

Symphony Scents is owned by John Vaughn & Lori Kimble and is located in Glens Falls, NY. The phone number is 518.632.4802.  Hours are Mon - Fri 10 to 5 Eastern Time. We do not have a retail store front, but can arrange for pick up if necessary.

We have been in the handmade soap industry since 1999, on both the retail and supplier side. Lori is the master soapmaker, scent tester and advisor for Symphony Scents. All fragrance oils must make the grade in her soap recipe before being added to our line. All recipes are different however, so we cannot guarantee that a fragrance oil will work well for everyone.

Symphony Scents offers sizes ranging from 1/2 oz. to 64 oz. All sizes are packaged in glass bottles except for the 64 oz size which comes in a high-density plastic container. We will be adding more essential oils along with new fragrance oils each year. Also keep your eyes open for more molds, colorants, and other items. Your comments are welcome, including suggestions for new scents, supplies, sizes, and shipping options. Please email [email protected] or call and we'll try to accommodate you.

Thank you,
John and Lori

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